Mind GamesA Study on Biblical Integrity: The folly of trying to live the Christian life while adopting the philosophies of the world — or — The reason many Christians seem to be fighting a losing battle.

A multitude of forces battle for control of each person’s mind. The world is filled with truths and lies, realities and fantasies, right thinking and sinful thinking. But how does a Christian bring one’s mind under the control of the Holy Spirit? Mind Games probes the influences of the world and the influence of God’s Word on a person’s mind. Understand how the wisdom of Jesus Christ can impact your thoughts and intentions with this study in the Pergamum Letter – Revelation 2:12-17. (Revised Feb 2012)
6 CDs$14


  1. The Cycle of Lost Love (55:27)
  2. Getting Inside of Your Mind (55:41)
  3. Where Satan Dwells (54:36)
  4. Living Your Worst Nightmare (53:47)
  5. Trying to Get the Most Out of Life (53:09)
  6. Finding Your Way Through the Maze (54:35)