King of KingsA Portrait Study of Matthew’s Gospel

As the first Gospel, Matthew is the logical link between the Old and New Testaments as it unfolds the credentials of Jesus of Nazareth to be the long awaited Messiah. This study probes the intriguing format of Matthew’s Gospel in order to better appreciate his exquisite portrait of Christ as the King of kings.

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  1. Introduction and Overview


  2. Fulfilling the Requirements – Matthew 1-4


  3. Speaking with Authority – Matthew 5-7


  4. Proofs of Kingship – Matthew 8-10


  5. Responding to the Proofs – Matthew 11-13


  6. Principles of the Kingdom – Kingdoms in Contrast


  7. Principles of the Kingdom – Genuine Faith – Matthew 14-18


  8. Preparation for the Kingdom – Matthew 19-22


  9. The King Returns – Matthew 23-25


  10. Saving His People – Matthew 26-28


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