In the Company of JesusJohn 13:1-30 ·

Dr. Dan Hayden •
As Jesus and His disciples celebrated their last Passover Feast together in the upper room, they engaged in a pageantry of interaction that became known as the Upper Room Discourse. This four-part study explains the meaning behind the washing of the disciples’ feet, and then highlights three of the disciples in this account from John 13: Judas, Peter, and John. Each of them is symbolic of three types of people often found “in the company of Jesus.”
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  1. The Dirty Dozen – John 13:1-20
  2. In the Company of Jesus… and Lost – John 13:18-30
  3. In the Company of Jesus… and Limping – John 13:6-11, 21-28
  4. In the Company of Jesus… and Leaning – John 13:21-30