Philemon - Healing Broken RelationshipsThe Book of Philemon ·

Dr. Dan Hayden •
The healing of broken relationships is a major concern in our increasingly fractured society. This is especially true, whether people realize it or not, with regard to the sinner’s broken relationship with God. Here is a series of studies that will help you to grasp more fully the wonder of how alienated parties can be once again reunited in love. You will discover that within the human drama of Philemon and Onesimus there is a divine picture of the gospel of reconciliation… and that Onesimus is really a picture of you.

8 CDs



  1. A Picture of You – Introduction to Philemon


  2. Worse Than I Thought – Philemon 1-3


  3. Having What It Takes – Philemon 4-7


  4. Higher Than Law – Philemon 8-9


  5. A New Lease on Life – Philemon 10-13


  6. Without Reservation – Philemon 14-16


  7. Paid in Full – Philemon 17-20


  8. Going Home – Philemon 21-25