God's Vision for the ChurchEphesians 4:11-16
Direction and purpose are essential ingredients for success. Without them, the meaning and function of the assembly remains foggy and misapplied. On the other hand, if the church is well organized and fully equipped for its task, then its ministry as a light of the Gospel will be more powerful. In God’s Vision for the Church, Dan Hayden probes Paul’s instruction to the church in Ephesians 4:11-16, and explains the essentials of the well-functioning church.
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  1. Getting a Vision for the Church
  2. In Pursuit of Purpose
  3. Our Primary Task
  4. Our Ultimate Goal, Part 1
  5. Our Ultimate Goal, Part 2
  6. Our Major Concern, Part 1
  7. Our Major Concern, Part 2
  8. Our Greatest Opportunity