From Babylon to BaghdadBiblical Perspectives on Major Prophesies • Dan Hayden • 
Iraq is in the news every day, and some people are surprised to learn that it is also in the Bible – a lot! In fact, major prophecies concerning Babylon (modern day Iraq) predict the economic and political resurgence of that country as a prominent player in end-time events. This timely study will give you a biblical perspective on the future of Iraq.
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  1. Out of the Mud – Daniel 2


  2. Babylon: The Eclipse of Eden – Genesis


  3. The Empire that Was – Daniel 2-7


  4. Ghost of Kuwait – Habakkuk


  5. City of Destiny- Isaiah 13-14


  6. Touchstone of Religion – Revelation 17


  7. Babylon in Focus – Jeremiah 50-51, Revelation 18


  8. Setting the Stage – Daniel, Revelation


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