Christ in the ShadowsA Contemporary Study of Worship from the Wilderness Tabernacle
God gave Israel a structure and pattern for worship in the formative years of their nation. It was called The Wilderness Tabernacle. Then, the writer of the Book of Hebrews reminds us that the tabernacle was designed according to the real tabernacle in heaven. That means the Old Testament pattern for worship is timeless and has a lot to say about our modern concepts of worship. This study explores the relationship between the ancient Tabernacle and the contemporary church. 8 CDs$16   C126 – OUT OF STOCK


  1. More Important Than You Think – Why study the ancient Jewish system of worship?
  2. Worship is for God – Observing the biblical idea of worship
  3. It’s All in the Meaning – Christolizing the timeless Tabernacle
  4. Symbol of Magnificence – The Brazen Altar and its offerings
  5. Mirrors Don’t Lie – The Brazen Laver and cleansing
  6. Everything Necessary for Life – Table of Shewbread and Lampstand – strength and wisdom
  7. Experiencing God in the Holy Place – Altar of Incense, Ark and Mercy Seat
  8. Living Life Inside-Out – Experiencing God’s fullness