Book of Hebrews - CD58 MP3 Messages and Study Notes

This complete expositional study of the Book of Hebrews by Dan Hayden is an essential resource for every serious Bible student. The theme of Hebrews is the supremacy and sufficiency of Christ. 58 full-length messages in MP3 audio format plus complete study notes – all on one data CD that you can play in your computer or MP3-capable CD player.

1 MP3 CD (58 full-length messages) – $10 C121 OUT OF STOCK

Book of Hebrews - Overview ChartNOTE: The Book of Hebrews CD is no longer available, but you may listen to all 58 messages below.
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Introduction to the Book of Hebrews

Spoken by God Himself

Entering Into Rest

Perfection at Last

Satisfaction in Heaven

Confidence with Christ

Ultimate Hope

iTunes Customer Reviews

Wow – by VandyMarc
Dr. Hayden is one of the best bible teachers I’ve ever heard. If you want to learn about the bible listen to his teachings. Over the years I have learned to seek his teaching. He preaches the infallible Bible. After all, if that is what I put my faith in, it is also what I should learn. No more Sunday feel good services for me, I want to hear the “infallible” truth. Thank you for your hard work Dr. Hayden. The only way to improve your podcasts are to make them video podcasts, for those of us who are visual learners. It’s O.K., you’re a handsome fella.

This has to be the best Bible Study Lesson I’ve ever heard – by Prayerwarror1

If you really want to get into God’s Word, follow along as Dr. Dan Hayden explains the scripture in everyday language line by line. In addition, you can go to his website and download a copy of the Lesson Outline and print it out for your notes. Just awesome – Highly recommended.


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