Beyond WisemenMatthew Chapter 2

The gifts of the wisemen take on new significance in this exposition of Matthew Chapter 2. In Beyond Wisemen, Dan Hayden shows that these gifts are divine symbols of the Person and ministry of Jesus Christ, and have an association with three incredible prophecies. They were not chosen arbitrarily, but rather, were symbols that came out of the very worship structure of Israel. Discover how the story of the wisemen is far more than a majestic segment in our Christmas celebration.

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NOTE: Beyond Wisemen CD set is no longer available, but you may listen to all five lessons below. Your donation helps to keep this content available on-line.



  1. Battle of the Kings – Matthew 2:1-12


  2. Gifts for Worship – Matthew 2:11


  3. Touch of Gold- Matthew 2:13-15


  4. Sweet Presence – Matthew 2:16-18


  5. Anointed of God – Matthew 2:19-23