by Dr. Dan Hayden •

Last year when I wrote my book, Crafted by God, I included the following dedication to Dr. Howard Hendricks, beloved “Prof”  at Dallas Theological Seminary.

With great appreciation for your profound influence on my life and ministry:

As a teacher, you instilled in me a passion to learn.

As a motivator, you encouraged me to go beyond my perceived limitations.

As a communicator, you enthralled and inspired me with the wonders of God’s Word.

As a creative thinker, you taught me how to observe beyond the obvious.

As a spiritual leader and man of God – the example of your life became the aspiration of my heart.

To a large extent, you are the human inspiration behind what is written in this book.

Along with hundreds of your other students, I praise God for you with a deep sense of gratitude.

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Understand the Times and Pursue God’s Purposes – Dr. Dan Hayden •

Jesus affirmed the Old Testament wisdom for God’s people to understand the times in which they live and to live their lives with God’s purposes in mind. That fact is as true today in the church age as it was when Jesus first instructed his followers in this way. Our current world is experiencing increased turmoil and people are wondering where God is in all this, often questioning His character. Rather than unrealistic sensationalism or spurious date setting which give biblical prophecy a bad name, God’s people need to be knowledgeable to apply biblical hope. In this series Dr. Hayden teaches Christians to understand the times and pursue God’s purposes.

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Dan Hayden preached this message at First Baptist Orlando on Sunday, 25 July 2004:
Beyond Social Action – Luke 10:30-37 • The Parable of the Good Samaritan (39:30)

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