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emphasizing the trustworthiness of the Bible…

  • Presenting the Bible to today’s culture as the source of truth for life…
  • Answering sincere questions about the reliability and relevance of the Bible as the Word of God…

exploring the Biblical text for answers to life’s most pressing issues…

  • Revealing the truths of the Bible and their application to life in the 21st century
  • Grasping a comprehensive understanding of the exquisite design of divine revelation

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The ShekinahThe cloud of God’s glory that settled over the wilderness Tabernacle and later over the Temple in Jerusalem during Israel’s early history has been called the “Shekinah Glory.” What does “Shekinah” mean – and how did the triune God represent Himself in that cloud? The answer may surprise you.

Here is a study on the glory of Christ that reveals who Jesus really is. You will discover that He is more than our Lord and Savior – much more. Travel with Dan Hayden through this amazing study on the centrality and preeminence of Jesus Christ.

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The Shekinah – A Study in the Glory of Christ – by Dr. Dan Hayden •

  1. The Generic God
  2. The Visible God
  3. Inside the Cloud
  4. The Departure
  5. Who is Jesus, Really?
  6. The Preeminent One

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Examining the Divine Design of the Bible as a Living Book
by Dan Hayden, author of “Did God Write the Bible?”

Have you ever wondered why God put the Bible together the way He did?

With so many authors and an array of genres, you might expect the Bible to be an anthology of disconnected pieces.  Yet, the sixty-six books from Genesis to Revelation weave together into a cohesive unit of divine instruction. But, the question remains… Is there more? Is there a comprehensive design in the Bible that surpasses the mere idea of conceptual unity?

Stepping back to look more broadly at the arrangement of the sixty-six divinely inspired books of the Bible it is surprising to observe a mosaic image of a person with a head, torso, arms and legs.

Crafted By GodThe body of Jesus Christ (Incarnation) and the body of biblical truth (Inspiration) representing the two special revelations of God, were apparently constructed in the same manner.

Taking the books of the Bible in their received groupings and order, being careful not to manipulate God’s providential arrangement, we see a mirror image of the man Jesus Christ. It seems that the Bible presents to us the Person of our Lord, not only in its content, but also in its form. Crafted by God is the unveiling of this discovery and a probing of its implications.

Here is a study that truly unlocks the harmonious structure and purposeful design of the Bible—as well as opening new vistas of thought that put all of Scripture into its contextual meaning.

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